Major Foreign Training Received:

Mechatronics      Systems Technology, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore, 3 weeks in October, 2002.
Total Quality Management and ISO9000/14000 & QS9000 ; 8 weeks in 2004 (nisiet), Hyderabad, India
Innovative Solutions to Complex Challenges, April9, 2017, DSD, KSU, KSA.
Setting Innovation Strategies for Research Institutions and Centers, Monday, April 10, 2017, DSD, KSU, KSA.
Open Innovation and The Creative Work Environment, Tuesday April 11, 2017, DSD, KSU, KSA.
Knowledge Acquisition, Management and Use for Development, April, 12, 2017, DSD, KSU, KSA.
Partnerships and Alliances , dated April 13, 2017,DSD,KSU, KSA
Invention and Innovation Culture and Its Importance in Universities, dated on January 01, 2017, DSD, KSU,        KSA.
Outcome Based Education (OBE) Management System of College of Engineering dated January 25, 2017, COE, KSU          KSA.
Faculty Orientation and Preparation & Development Program at King Saud University, December 12, 2016, DSD, KSU, KSA.
Product Based Research, Tuesday 17.01.2017, College of Engineering, King Saud University        KSA.
The Role of Universities in the Knowledge Industry, April 26, 2017, IPTL, KSU, KSA.
Fast Reading Skill, May 07, 2017, DSD, KSU, KSA.
Critical Thinking and Active Learning, May10-11, 2017, DSD, KSU, KSA.